Cancel the premium subscription without closing my account



I want to cancel the premium subscription that i was forced to choose when i was ordering the card.

I noticed that i was premium when i see the 7.99 eur charge in my revolut account.

The support told me that i can not cancel my premium subscription after the trial period.

Can you help please?


Hey there @redochka :slight_smile:

First of all, you were most probably not forced. I’ve not seen a single person complaining about this on the forums :frowning:

However, if you mistakenly selected it and you believe you were tricked into it, tell a support agent you want this issue to be scalated and fill the form in :wink:


I contacted the support but she confirmed to me that she is unable to cancel my subscription due to the trial period being passed by 2 days.

She also doesn’t know which form you are talking about

Please help, i don’t want to close my account. I am ok to pay the 10€ of the card but i don’t want the premium plan for now.


Hey there @redochka :slight_smile:

She should know the escalation procedure for any issue :frowning:

You can check the complaint policy here:

Some users have seen success with this form: