Cancel / Revert Topup?

I was trying to top-up a small amount in a currency other than my own, and a message came up to ask if I wanted to use my actual currency rather than the one I selected.
When I said yes, the app immediately topped up in my currency, but by the same numerical amount, with no opportunity to amend the amount.

This is significantly more than I wanted to top-up! Is there a way to reverse this?

Talk to support as soon as possible. The payment is pending for a little while.

Yeah, I’m trying. Easier said than done, it seems.

I don’t know if there’s anyone actually manning the app support. It tells me ~2 hours wait, but the support page on the site says it’s only up to 10pm anyway. I don’t know if there’s another way to contact them. The phone number seems to be only to cancel cards.

Just write everything you want them to know at once so that they have all informations at hand to look into it once an agent picks it up. I‘m not sure if they can revert a payment manually at all.

Sound advice - thanks!

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In worst case just make a transfer to your account. I think is also faster as banks would need 1-3 weeks to revert your transaction on card. This it depends but sometimes it happens to remain pending till the end of the month

If it is a charge card, it might be worth the extra effort. I haven’t looked into this, but from Revolut’s perspective, it would make sense to settle such top ups quickly since the money is available right after topping up.