Cancel Premium Subscription 2018


I’ve been trying to cancel my premium subscription for a few weeks now using the word “live agent” after the robot responded. I have not had a single response and am not satisfied with the service. Please someone cancel my premium subscription immediately. I would like a full refund as I have not heard back in weeks.


Hi there. I can see that an agent replied to your in-app message. Could you please reply?


Thanks for your response but I cannot see any reply in the chat function of my app.


Strange I can see that Patrycja from our support team has replied to your messages. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app, seems like you’re using a really old version.


What happens to my Mastercard when I cancel my premium subscription earlier? I can still use it or are you going to block it because I cancel my subscription.?


Hi there. You can still continue to use your card as a Standard user until it expires.