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I wanted to cancel my premium plan before 1-month trial period at 13 January 2018 by chat. The live agent did not this and my account was charged 29,99 PLN fee. How to cancel this fee and transform into standard plan?

If you got your premium before the 12th December 2017, you had 1 month trial, otherwise it’s a 14 days trial only.

If you cancelled on time but the agent didn’t reply or did something wrong, they will reimburse you. If you used some premium services, you will have only a partial refund.

Either try @AndreasK here, or on twitter (

In polish website is written something different. And I did not receive my standard card on my home adress.

Fair enough. Please make sure the T&Cs in Polish reflect this as well.

@AndreasK Could you check this? It looks like the cancel time for the premium isn’t reflected correctly in the FAQ in all languages. Also @grzegorzkrycki wants to cancel his.

Ok, my problem was solved, topic to close.

It has been updated. Apologies for this miscommunication.

Hi, How is it possible to cancel my premium subscription, unfortunatelly the in-app support bot is not helping.
I have started it today, but want it to be cancelled.

I can cancel it for you. Is that ok?

Sure, Thank you very much

Done! I’ve canceled it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you

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@AndreasK I sent a secure message regarding account limits and if a transfer would take me over the top up limit after having already upgraded to premium. Instead of an answer, I got put in a 4 day queue and told to upload documents. I was just requesting info. Now I cannot send any further questions to chat (I guess until they answer my previous question after 4 days queue). This is not the promised 24/7 help service offered in the app. Also, I am worried now regarding some comments in the community about revolut losing money of other members for months and so do not want any premium services. Please cancel my premium subscription. I do not want to pass the 14 days trial and then have to reclaim monies through official channels due to lack of response.

What happens if you order the metal card and during the first free month you cancel the premium? I mean, does the card expires immediately?

the card should continue working

Really… Most want the Platinum for its benefits, the card is only an additional thing

Is it all about the metal card?

Probably if you cancel the Platinum account and keep the card you will be charged for the card (what the price will be is not known yet)

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As soon as we’ve got something to share, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it!


apparently the pink/black premium card is considered a symbol of status by some

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I must say a good looking premium card is something you might require as you pay for it.

But to take premium and cancel it straightaway for the card thats kind of weird…

But people have different choices

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envy me

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Hello. I cancel my metal plan by mistake and will expire at 12 may. Can I cancel the cancellation ? Or to extend my plan ?