Cancel pending transaction

Hi, I have a pending transaction which I’m pretty sure it’s a Scam and would like to cancel it before it’s executed.
I’m trying to get support via the Live Chat but it says that the waiting should be over 4h.
I hope that the transaction is still pending until then.


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Pending only means it has not been settled by the merchant yet. Unless he reverts it it will be completed, at which point you need to file for a chargeback.

Hi Alessandro, thank you for your message.
Do you mean that Revolut would do the chargeback or the merchant? As I’m sure it’s a scam.

What do you mean by “scam”? How did this transaction end up in your account?

Once you file for it, Revolut will start a chargeback but it can take several weeks.

By registering the information into a website, might have been silly of mine but it was definitely not my intention to get the purchase done.
How do you file for it?

You need to wait until the transaction actually completes, then you can contact their support and ask for a chargeback.

Revolut support, right?
As I doubt the merchant will do something about it.

Yes, Revolut support.

But it might be still a good idea to clarify it first with the merchant, if you can.

I’m at the Revolut chat waiting list at the moment, hopefully I’ll be able to do it from there. Do you know if there’s any other type of support available?

Has it completed already? Why dont you want to contact the merchant?

I am trying, but when trying to get in touch with customer support you’re led to an external generic website

Hi, I requested for canceling a transaction which was done later. But the amount refunded is 550 SEK less than the actual amount I sent. Could someone please help me here?
Thanks in advance.