Cancel my premium membership - really impossible?



I just contacted the Revolut in-app support and they told me it is impossible to cancel my premium membership which I started in December 2017, because it is a year contract. Is is really possible? I pay monthly.

Thank you for your help guys.

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Hi there. Thank you for contacting us.

Please note, as you are canceling outside of the cooling period, you will be charged 14GBP cancellation fee.


Hi, yes I have no problem with that. Thank you!


Please reach out our in-app support team so that we can help :slight_smile:


They told me it is impposible because I subscribed before November 12th.


For me the same. I have found Revolut service not much usefull for me because of lack 3d secure. Either I don’t use their currency converter feature because it is impossible to topup Revolut card in my native currency. That means should buy EUR or USD and send it to Revolut which is also means double conversiotons.

I started in the beginning of December 2017, and tried to talk with Support yesterday. The agent said same thing. I cannot cancel premium subscription untill Dec 2018.So I have to pay minimum 10 month more for the useless service. I pointed that guy to the official T&C that there is no any mentions of so-called 12 December rules, he said i should read the FAQ for such info.

Generally I’m mostly disappointing with Revolut service, both technologically and customer support. Seems to be a scam. They push you to start Premium which you would have to battle with them to cancel it in case of lacking the service.


No offence, but I think you are a tad too liberal with the term scam. There are admittedly quite a few issues with Revolut for the time being, among them a not very transparent communication and a support team that is not always exactly helpful (here on the forum it is better but the official ways can be frustrating) but I guess it is relatively unlikely that it is a “scam” by any means.

They are a bit pushy with their premium accounts (to a certain extent understandably) but nobody is forced to sign up and it is pretty clear in advance what it offers and how much it costs and for what period of time. So the complaints here in this thread are really not too reasonable in my humble opinion.


According with the agreement we have place with you, If you started your Revolut Premium Membership before the 12th December 2017 then: After your 1-month free trial period, your Revolut Premium membership has a 12-month duration. The cancellation becomes effective on the end date of your membership (exactly 13 months after you signed up). Unless you cancel your membership up to one month before the end of your 12 month contract, your membership is automatically renewed for another year.



this is a completely non-standard behavior of such a large company. Each
contract can be denied. If you do not want to manage it, I’ll have to speak
with my lawyer and Financial Ombudsman in England. I certainly do not want
to leave it just like that and pay you all year when I do not use the
service. Thank you.


Denied? You entered a legal contract for a 12 month period, for which a service is provided. If you then choose not to use that service that is certainly up to you but it still there for you during the agreed and paid period.

I am really not sure what is supposed to be unclear about that. You should have simply not signed up for 12 month contract if you didnt want it, that is pretty obvious.