Cancel My Application

I am from france but living in america for a few month. Heard of revolut and thought I would get one but to speed the process up I used my American address but now it is putting me on a waiting list.
I want to change this to my French address. Can you just cancel my application completely please so I can start over? It won’t let me change anything and I can’t even get onto your support team because being on a waiting list.
My Number’s prefix is clearly French and surely that is sufficient to suggest I am eligible for a card. Thanks

Please send DM to AndreasK or/and JessicaZ.
They’ll help you when they’re on their shifts.

I am in a similar situation. Please contact me asap. Thanks.

@AndreasK I cannot send you PM but can i please ask you to cancel my application completely.

@AndreasK I also want to cancel my application but have no clue how to DM

Hi redi, how do I send a DM to Andreas or Jessica?

@AndreasK I also would like to cancel my application. Please help. Thank you

From the webbrowser- pick upper right corner:



Hello, I would like to cancel my application. Please, advise. Rita.

Did you mean this?

@AndreasK @JessicaZ Can you please cancel my application?

@AndreasKi would like to stop my appy
where can i send a Direct message

Hi Redi

I believe this topic is about the cancellation of Revolut account opening / application (before the :r: account is opened), not the closure of Revolut accounts that are already opened.

@redi hi I would like to amend my application details too but I couldn’t do anything with it. Can you help me either amend my application or cancel it so I can do it all over again?

@AndreasK how am I supposed to PM you? Don’t see such an option in my profile. No contact info in the Revolut website either. Thanks and wish to receive your reply very soon

Hi, I am really sorry but I cant help because I am not a Revolut employee. To do so you have to contact them. I would suggest Twitter or FB

@AndreasK @JessicaZ
Can you help me to cancel my application on Hong Kong waiting list? I wait very long time and no any status change.

Now I stay in UK and I want to create a UK account. Thank you.

Hi. I can’t find the DM option. How can i get removed from the waitlist?

Hi, can you cancel my application so that I could restart, thanks.

Same here. Can you please cancel mine too. Thanks!