Cancel account

How to I cancel account have been waiting on an agent on chat for over 20 mins to answer a query

Hello there,

The only solution right now is to contact support.

Maybe try to contact them later via in-app support or try different channels (Twitter, Phone…)

Also, @anon33247966 should see this post soon. :slight_smile:


@Ally99 @julien Hey guys! Very sorry for any delay, we are extremely busy on support. Yes, we can close down the account for you if you reach out to us. All of the transactions have to be finalised and the funds cleared out. However if you close the account with us, it will be difficult to open a new one with the same information. You can keep the account open and it will be free, even if you don’t use our services for a while.

Still unable to contact anyone on support please advise how can cancel order thanks

@Ally99 I will write you a private message to sort this out.

… and what if the problem is that you’re unable to activate my card ?
I spent 2 hours (yes: two hours !) on the support chat, with an hotliner who believed Monaco and Mexico is the same country (!), and was unable to activate my card despite photos of my ID card AND my passport AND a selfie with me and my ID (!!!)

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I also want to close my account and been waiting for support for 30 minutes with no reply. How should I go about it?

I would also like to close an account i’ve opened up accidentally.

I also need to close my account, i opened it by accident, and will never have a use for it.

4hours on customer support.

Help please? :slight_smile:

I want to remove my number from app too, how can do it?


Hi @anatol. Sorry to see you go! If you need assistance please type ‘Live Agent’ via in-app chat and an agent will be able to help you.

Hello i want cacell immediatly my business account, Please tell how i can do that. I ma tired to wait response by chat

I open it but it is not product/service tha ti need and i open trial account. But you ask me my debit card and i dont want pay 25 dollars. So i want to cancel business account and remain with free personal account that already i open. Let me know please

Please cancel my account

You need to contact them and then send your phone bill to prove you’re the owner of this number

I would also like to cancel my business account. I can’t get through to them. It has proved to be a very limited service with very limited customer support. Definitely not worth paying for, unfortunately.

@gileshg if your chat is stuck on the onboarding queue the normal support people unfortunately can’t see what you write :frowning:

It “might” sound kind of odd for a business account but you’ll need to get in contact with the social media team (revolutapp on twitter or facebook) to get someone on the chat unless you can grab @olga_revolut or @anon33247966 via PM here

Thank you! I’ll have a go at that.



hello, I want to close my account, unfortunately, at chat, no one is there