Cancel account (in-app chat messages ignored)

I have been trying to get support through the “In-app Chat” for the second day running. From the time I sent my first message it’s been about 28 hours, spanning every possible time zone at least once.

My original request was, and still is, to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. I am now considering this an urgent request since it makes me sick that a system so underdeveloped, with such poorly provisioned support, can claim people’s financial details as if they were something reputable like a bank.

Visitors to this forum: Be warned, this system is not ready for deployment & perhaps never has been. Promises of support are simply a joke. I have 8 pages of screenshots from the in-app “support” of message delivery failures and automatic excuses about how their system is overloaded.

Rather than wait into a third day I need someone to get back to me by private message. My account cancellation is dependent on me furnishing security details to an individual… if there was a “cancel account” button in the app, like there would have been in any reputable online service, I would have hit it already.

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