Canada - transfer money FROM abroad

Can I use Revolut to transfer and exchange money from abroad. In this case it is $CAN but I also have a $US account.

What do you mean by transfer and exchange? You can wire money internationally via SWIFT but that will incur transfer fees.

Alessandro, I cannot wire money from my banks in Canada or USA unless I visit the bank in person. I can, however, transfer money (or pay people) directly by the banking electronic transfer system as long as that stays within the country. In other words can I use revolut to get $CAN from my bank in Canada and receive it as pounds sterling in my account in the UK without incurring a substantial fee. Even if I was in N America I would not use wire transfer as that limits the amount you can transfer and is expensive. Last time I used HiFx which has accounts in Canada and the UK, unlike most other currency exchange firms.

So you cant make international transfers? In that case you wont be able top up your Revolut account as they dont have Northern American accounts yet.

I may be able to do it soon from USA even if I can’t do it from Canada. See
This seems to offer early access to their US branch

I have a similar issue but i want to go from my uk gbp account to my Canadian dollar account in Canada. (I am a new Canadian revolut customer(as they have this now in canada). Am i doing something wrong or is this not possible? Finding the ui and ux hard to deal with.