Canada launch?

I’ll be moving to Canada in 5 or so months and I do love :r: and I need to know when :r: will be out of early access for Canadians


Hi there.

Where are you based at the moment?

I’m in Austria for 5 months

If you’re an EEA resident you’re eligible to create an account :slight_smile:

Yes I am an EEA resident currently

So you can download the app and create an account now. DM if you need any help :slight_smile:

But once you’re living in Canada is that fees free to transfer money from a Canadian bank account to revolut?

If it is an internation transfer (SWIFT) then yes. There even be more fees as intermediate banks used for the transfer might require a fee also.

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Dear all,

Any update about the Canadian launch? Because we are arriving at the end of Q1 2018 :wink:

Not yet. They changed their wording for the US to “first half of 2018”. So i think it might be delayed a bit.