Can you overdraft?


Ok apologies for this silly query, but what happens if you try to withdraw more money than you have in your app ? Do you get a charge for that or just cancelled transaction due to insufficient funds?


Hey DJ

It is not possible to do an overdraft. The transaction will simply be declined. This is also why offline transactions are not supported.


Offline meaning swipe transactions?


have you bought things on an airplane? the transactions processed later


Ah… I see.

One is always learning :smiley:


allegedly they will be able to offer you an overdraft once they get the banking licence.


Oh I don’t want an overdraft. I was just wondering if it was possible to ‘overdraw’…like withdrawing too much from an ATM, and wondered if I would be charged for that, as an example.


I am confused as I went overdrawn on Tuesday by -£21.85. I did not realise until today and topped up £50, and now my balance is £28.15. Clearly you can become overdrawn and I can’t find a way to turn it off.