Can you choose which wallet payments are deducted from?


I understand that when using the revolut card, payments will first be deducted from the wallet containing the “local” currency, if sufficient funds are available here. Second, it will be deducted from your “base” currency and will exchange using the best rate available at that time.

My question is simple. Can I choose to pay using my base currency and exchange at the best possible rate, even if I currently hold sufficient funds in that local currency in my account? If not, is there a way to bypass the default order and make it possible?

Buy currency before to take advantage of higher rate

Hey @longviper :slight_smile:

No, there’s not. The only way to do that is to make the desired currency the first available one in the preference list :wink:


You can disable a currency temporary. That can be a solution as well. Swipe right to left.


Thanks. Could you please please explain how I can access the preferences list. I can’t see an option in the app.


Thanks. Could you please explain how to disable a currency? Swiping left or right does not do this…


Hey @longviper :slight_smile:

The “preference list” is just the preference order for selection you mentioned.

I meant there’s no way to override a step in this logic :wink:

You have to swipe left indeed, after clicking the Accounts button, located in the top-left part of the app :smile:
Keep in mind you’ll not be able to deactivate your base currency


On the “account manager” page you can swipe from right to left on the currency you want do deactivate.

(Don’t bother the amount on the accounts😂) Testing at the moment


IvanJ - thanks this is the solution I was looking for! Does exactly what I need it to do! Perfect.