Can we link a business account a personal account?


If you have a business account and it’s clearly an income providing business to which Revolut has transparency - can a business account and a personal account be linked through the app? Can ID verification be linked and can business activity be utilized in personal spend verification as opposed to the standard 30,000 Euros?

Many businesses of size have subsidiary businesses overseas and utilize multiple currency accounts - the parent company owns the subsidiary company - can you carry forward the ideas from Revolut personal to Revolut business - I would like to see funding filter down from top to bottom and profits filter back up from subsidiaries to parent all in one app with live master balance in a base currency and a balance sheet and treasury function maybe even interest bearing ?


Hi there @s1mple2

Thanks for the message. Sure, you can use your business account application as a source of funds for your personal account. In order to do that you can reach our in-app support, request a higher top-up limit and indicate that you have a Revolut Business account as a verification source. However, please note that for the time being personal Revolut accounts and business accounts are separate accounts and accessible through different platforms accordingly: app for the personal accounts and website for the business accounts. I hope this will help.



For a business with a USP of shaking up the banking industry - I’m afraid along with the rest of the industry you still have a long way to go- try changing or addressing the behind the scenes processes - aml , kyc etc - we no longer live in a box where we can be pigeon holed - you offer cool innovations with currency and security but then fall flat if we actually wish to live in three places, travel for our work or generally wish to be different- I supplied UK bank statements with significant balances even if my acct is registered to my Spanish address , I opened a business account with Revolut and supplied all paperwork and still I have already gone over the 30,000 limit offered for the pre paid debit card ! It has been three weeks now and still no change - apparently next a tax return is required. The service seemed tailormade for the expat community - if you are semi retired , own your property, are sent free or independently wealthy and live in more than one place then forget it - Revolut cannot help. They just send you in circles and Cleary do not understand the correlation between the USP of offering 36 different currencies and the kind of person that might wish to use them? Please innovate with KYC, Aml and really truly understanding the modern customer who might actually really want to use your service - it looks like I’m stuck with traditional banking having had such high hopes for Revolut !


Hi @s1mple2 - thanks for the feedback. I understand your point that there are ways we can improve how we think about risk and compliance in a holistic and fresh way. We are working towards this, and taking on board points like the ones you raise so hope to make improvements which ultimately make your life easier while ensuring we meet our regulatory and internal requirements.



James - I appreciate your point but what do I do now? Just wait for you to grow your business? - I reached my 30k limit in 3 months - I supplied UK bank statements - alternate revolut account numbers- in this case my business account which also has a high balance - my card has me registered as living in Spain which I do for 180 days a year- I am a retired successful entrepreneur - what compliance should I supply next ! My Swiss account? I am onlyperservering as i like the concept ! I am close to giving up however so would appreciate how I an get over this hurdle ! Revolut was designed for people who travel and use multiple currencies - the product is way ahead of compliance which is a big deal


Hey Revolut - I have a business account also.
A couple of points - it’s not that much use until you can at the very least do direct debits.

It would also be better with the app.

One key point - one should be able to specify which language they get contacted in - yes I have a Spanish company ( sadly - my own fault - my Spanish is ok but not good enough to conduct business ) Revolut however contact me in Spanish via the Spanish manager - Babking without borders - CAN YOU ADD A TICK BOX AS TO PREFERRED CONTACT LANGUAGE

Next trying to make WIRE payments via Revolut for Business there is nowhere when adding a beneficiary or making a payment to put the Invoice number or a reference as to what you might actually be paying meaning has I have used it my payment may well have been lost so I cancelled last minute - in personal Revolut you can take a picture or receipts - can all Recolut be allowed to add pictures and comments and a the very least a reference to the corresponding bank

Lastly - when will you get a banking licence ? Allowing business bills to be paid that differ monthly like water , heating etc is fairly basic so direct debits are a necessity