Can the csa take money out of my account

Can the csa take money out of my account

Do you mean:

Or something another?


I know this is just wanted to know if they can access my account without my concent

Being the Crime Syndicate of America I guess they will find a way to do just that.

Or did you mean the Commission on Superhuman Activities? They wouldnt do that.

No, in all seriousness, @AndreasK, do you cooperate with wage garnishments, including international ones? (I assume a yes, but I’d like to know how)

I still dont know whom the OP actually meant :confused:

I believe the op is asking if the child support agency can take deductions from Revolut if he fails to pay child maintenance payments by normal methods. The child support agency (CSA) has legal power in the UK to recover unpaid monies via attachment of earning, bank account deductions etc. Interesting question is if Revolut would comply with UK legal recovery methods.
Once Revolut becomes a bank then I cannot see how they can not comply. Until then I’m not sure.

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