Can’t verify Identity


Hello, I can’t verify my Revolut account as I have not got access to my passport as it is with someone else who is planning my trip, thus meaning I have no evidence to provide for identification except from my bank card or a letter sent to me at my address. Help going next week!!!


Don’t you have an id or driving licence?


Nope which is the most annoying part.


So I don’t have any other idea…


When are you getting your passport back?


I’m not until I get there, which is far too late.


I saw that it is possible for me to confirm my identity through uploading a picture of a letter with my name and address on it. Can I do this?


Why you don’t ask person who holds your passport to send you picture of passport .
You can’t get veriffied without ID.
Your Name and adress on letter won’t state any sufficient info.
Nationality for example.


Hello Stan, thank you for the help but as we are going as a group our passports are in a holder so there’s no way of me getting it until I go


I’m afraid you won’t be able to verify without it.
You can always do it when you come back from trip :slight_smile:


I there no way of me using my Revolut card while I’m there?


No if you not verified you can’t use it …


`I have my ID card from college?


Not good enough :slight_smile:
Are you EU citizen ??


Yes i’m an EU Citizen


Need either passport /ID or driving licence to verify identity :slight_smile: