Can’t topup with SEB Bank Mastercard (Lithuania)


I’m trying to top up with my SEB Bank Mastercard (Lithuania) but it fails.

I entered my debit card details.

After I confirm Card Holder address, I am presented with the interface of SEB Bank 3D check. Then I enter my password and make confirmation, again I am returned to Card Holders address screen.

No specific error is displayed. I suspect that I was redirected because of some bug in app.

Any advice?


I have the same issue with SEB (Lithuania) after 3D check I would be charged 1 EUR. but no option to chose the amount.


My father has the same issue, however I was able to top up my account with the same SEB Mastercard.


I also have the same problem with bank of ireland MasterCard. I even got a text from BOI to confirm it was my transaction