Can’t top up with Visa or Maestro

Using my mobile banking app error: ‘the url cannot be opened’
Using a card reader: ‘ 3ds is not activated’
Contacted my bank, there’s nothing they can do…

Hmmm, but you topup via revolut app not via your bank app…

Is there 3d secure active of you bank card active?

My bank says it’s activated…

The Revolut app asks me if I want to use my mobile banking app or my card reader to confirm the transaction…


Steven Joostens

Have you tried to contact our in-app support team?

yes, I logged in and out, removed my card and added again, used another card…
Support told me to use wire transfer instead, but I’m not satisfied with that ‘solution’

Can you please send me a direct message?

I registered here today, don’t think I can send you direct messages ( help says 24hrs after activation)

I’ve replied to your DM.


Steven Joostens