Can’t logon


I logged out of my Revolut account and am unable to logon again. The account is registered with my UK number however I am in Australia and have since lost my UK SIM card.

Can you help me logon again please?


Pick underlinked text under the button

Hi Olivia.

Have you tapped ‘Changed your phone number?’ on the Welcome screen and followed the steps?

If you need further assistance just send me a DM. :slight_smile:

Will I lose my money on my other account though?

It will still the same account, so you don’t lose anything.

Once you change your phone number it will be linked to your original account. :slight_smile:

I cant login. They updated my phone number but the app keeps asking me to a new account. I creat a passcode and then the message “something went wrong, please try again later” appears. I’ve been trying for over 24 hours

@Olivia1 I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox.