Can’t login


I was having the same issue as te last days (can’t exchange money) and I logged out as suggested by the help staff via app yesterday. It worked yesterday but today I’m unable to re-login. It says:”We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later” And it’s still saying the same thing.

What’s going on with Revolut app these days? It keeps crashing!!!


I have the exact same issue! Unable to login with the same error


Im with the same problem. The same with other friend.
He did me a transaction and appears done in his revolut but doesnt appear in my account.
I logged out and now i cant log in.
It says the same message:”We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”


Just paid for premium… this morning could not do a currency exchange… then noticed my cards had disappeared from the app.
Went to chat and was told 30 minutes for an advisor (didn’t sound very premium!?)
Logged out and in… error.
Reinstalled. Retry. error.
So obviously can’t do live chat now.
This is a banking app and the only way to interact with the service. Not good enough.


I have the same issue on the iPhone app.


I have the same problem too.
Yesterday I couldn’t exchange money. The support suggested logout, and login again.
Now I can’t login. It says:”We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”


Yep same here, travelling to the US today and can’t get in to the app or transfer money - totally unacceptable for a premium service


I have the same issue. I can’t exchange money and the top up doesn’t work.


I’m traveling to US too and I’ve already all my “dollars” on the Revolut app. Please fix it ASAP

I’m a premium user too


It seems to be fixed now, does it works for all of you, too?

Anyway, why is this happening so frequently??


Just managed to login so perhaps they have resolved this.
Well done Revolut. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!


It seem’s to like be OK, but I definitely don’t agree the way of processing the bugs like this.
You have our money, and don’t ensure access to any support (chat, phone) in this case.
You even didn’t announce on FB or Twitter any problems or deadline to resolve it…compeletely nothing !!!