Can’t login to Revolut on new phone


Hi, I cannot login to Revolut on my new phone. I have money in my account and I am afraid that I have lost it. Please help.


Hello @Javilionaire :slight_smile:

Is the phone number also new? If it is, please check this link:


I just realized I changed my phone number to a temporary number, I no longer have access to the phone number on my Revolut account so I need to get the phone number changed.

However the number I need to change it to was previously attached to the account.


@AndreasK or @jessicaszabla


Drop me a direct message please.



I cannot log into my account as I have changed my number and do not have access to it anymore. Can I change the number on my account please?

Many Thanks

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Hi there. I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox. :slight_smile:

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