Can’t log into my revolut app!

Hi I logged out of my revolut app now I cannot log back in! I keep getting “sorry somthing has gone wrong. please try again later” message after i imput my phone number to log in. I have tried multiple times and have triple checked I’m using the correct number. Any ideas?


I have the same issue.

It started with ordering a new card, so I thought maybe I should delete the app and install it again(sometimes this works) but I can not log in:sweat_smile:

Are you also a iOS user?

yes ios also. basically a transaction disappeared from my recent transactions in the revolut app. in app support told me to log out then back in. problem is now it wont let me back in

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Maybe the 11.2.1 update has caused this?

im not sure but its a pain. really need to access my revolut!

Still can not get in the app. This is why Revolut should start with the option to see your account on your PC as alternative as I can only reach support by Facebook/Twitter.

they don’t have a phone number or chat function on their site to reach them

Update: Its working :smiley:


I can’t login either. “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Try again later” message.
Used to work fine.
Running version 4.0.1

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Hi there. Please update your app to the latest version of the app, and try to log in now.


Hi, I am currently in the US an cannot access my app. I logged out and now cannot log back in. Please help as soon as possible as I currently have no money



Hello the same has happend too me, I’ve been logged out of my account and I’ve changed phone numbers so I’m not receiving the 6 digit code!! I’m in Thailand and have no other way of accessing money please help!


Katherine, please send me a direct message so that I can help you out.


Dear A
please can you assist me in sorting this out i downloaded the app on my phone and activated it, after i logged out it wont let me in, Ive entered again the phone number as there was no other alternative and it appears as if I’ve opened another account and the balance I had is nowhere to be seen. Can you please tell me how to get the app working …Thanks

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Hi there. Nothing to worry about, we can sort this out via a direct message. :slight_smile:


Thanks, sorry but these thing worry me :no_mouth:

Well, we need to delete the second account you have created and switch phone numbers so you can access your first account using the new phone number. Sounds good?


Hi AndreasK

My Revolut app is linked to an old phone number which I don’t have. How can I change the phone to access the app again? Please help

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Hi there.

Are you able to send me a direct message?


Not allowing me to send you a direct message

Nothing to worry about, I have sent you a direct message.


@anon33247966 I have been Locked out my Revolut app & am in Vietnam so my SIM card doesn’t work to reset the passcode. I tried to use my card to pay for a tour earlier today which was declined (despite knowing I have the right cash in there) I am desperate for money & worried what might happen if I cannot access my account ASAP.

Any help would be amazing!