Can’t complete registration process

I’m desperately seeking help to do this. I can’t get any in app support because I can’t continue with the registration process to even get into the app. I believe the problem is that I started the registration process a while back and had to stop because I didn’t have an ID with me so wanted to scan it later. Now when I go back into the app it doesn’t recognize my password/hasn’t even registered I added a password. I get a message telling me to complete registration process but then no option to continue doing so - I’m just stuck in the password page. If I choose forgot password I get a 403 error message. Going crazy here. Need a way to get direct support!

Please try Twitter- the fastest method of contact wit Revolut.

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Same here, after 4 times trying to register, with ID Card Scan, Foto, Video, Voice record they didn’t accept my registration, because for the photo, i feel like stupid idot. My iphone modell 2020 make bad photos ? are you kidding me ? Maybe your Monitor don’t work.


Today I sign-up a revolut account with my UK phone numbers. However, after I enter my name, there is a notification if my name is already used with another account. This is because I had my name registered with my previous non-UK number (where I got stuck on the queue). Are there any solutions to this?

Thank you