Can someone without a revolut account send me money

Can someone send me money to my Revolut card/account without themselves having a card?

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You can create a payment link that can be used to fund your account; people will pay by card

Note that this isn’t for commercial usage at all

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Will pay by card? Do you mean their own credit card non-Revolut? And which do I choose, send or request? I imagine request… is that right?

You can also use your IBAN for Bankwire transfers.

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If UK based can also use Sort Code / Account Number

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Will I be able to receive money in Revolut EUR account if I create payment link requesting GBP ? Will GBP automaticly gets converted to EUR in revolut’s end or payment will not get thru at all ? :thinking:

Why don’t you just create the payment link in EUR?

I want to move whole gbp amount from curve cash. Not sure how I can do that in eur without knowing exact exchange rates.

Can you do a bank transfer to your GBP Revolut account?

I dont have gbp account @ revolut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can probably create one.

Nevermind, did a quick google search. ^^

you can still try the GBP payment link. even if Revolut opens a GBP balance, it doesn’t hurt.

Yeah you can manually convert the balance afterwards