Can Someone Please Help?


I have just spent an hour of my life on the app with an agent by the name of Arkadiusz, trying to explain to him that I had activated a virtual card and then went on to pay for the physical card back in January which I did not receive. I wanted it for my daughter but now this is not needed. So I just wanted my money back.

The 5GBP charge is in my list of charges yet the gentleman does not seem to get it. And this despite showing him screenshots of the charge, he is adamant that I could not be correct as the charge should be 10GBP and 5GBP is merely postage! I had to abandon the conversation in shock and frustration.

Could someone please refund the charge?



@fiftyg Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. So it sounds like you had a virtual card, and then you went on to order a physical card on top of the virtual one already in the account. As this physical card was an additional active card on the account, the cost of this would have been £10 (£5 Spare Card Fee + Standard Delivery £5) or currency equivalent. Please reach out to us so we can take a look at the account and get this all sorted for you and also discuss the delivery of the card which you never received!