Can Revoult card be used to rent a car (as credit card)?

I need to rent a car during my hols but i don’t have credit card. Would i be able to use the Revolut card or does it work purely as debit card?

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That mostly depends on the requirements of the rental company. The card itself is a debit card (assuming you have the standard MasterCard) but can be charged like a credit card (attention, the company might block an amount on your card).

It comes down to what their system requires. If they need an actual credit card you wont be able to use it.


Just tried doing a reservation for a car in the US (through, they apparently only accepted credit cards :laughing:
I tried using my revolut card, I ended up with a “ghost” reservation (money blocked, but reservation not done) – Thanks god their support managed to revert it pretty quickly.

I’ll use my regular bank’s card for now, seemed to work.


Most rental companies require credit cards, so they can block the deposit.

What if I need a credit card? Is there any way to use Revolut as a credit card? Does it make a difference if I have a Premium account?

No - premium makes no difference.
You need a credit card.


I’ve paid successfully with a Revolut card online for rental price. Now I’m worried would I be able to block security deposit on it.

Previously I have rented cars with just debit card and it would work just fine. Hope it will be same way next time.

Anybody had a practical experience with Revolut and preferably

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When doing it online I had this ghost reservation problem, so I didn’t want to try again with :r: , maybe it works fine and I got unlucky. They say it happens rarely.

When I picked up the car, they refused my Revolut card and my TransferWise card. I had to use my regular debit card (not prepaid) from a high street bank. (although TW is also not a prepaid card either…)
That was only for the security deposit. When giving back the car, if you mention you want to use another card, you can in fact pay everything with your Revolut card. :+1:

Back in 2015 my Revolut card was accepted as security deposit by Hertz in a Australian. There was no charge put on the card. I am not sure what would have happened if I had had an accident as there wasn’t enough money on the card to pay the excess!
I suspect that this loop hole has been closed by now, but there is no harm in handing over your Revolut card and finding out I suppose.

UPD after renting car from Budget:

  • paying with Revolut for rental, online or at office is no problem;
  • using Revolut card to block deposit failed as they see that it’s a prepayed card. Not accepted.
    I managed to use my debit card from a bigger Czech bank, visa gold, didn’t fail me yet :slight_smile:
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Stumbled across this problem as well recently. Too bad there is absolute no way to get a credit card with Revolut, instead of a prepaid debit card.


I’m sure at some point credit cards will be offered from Revolut Bank :partying_face:

Revolut is a PrePaid Card, NOT a Debit Card.

Depends all on the Rental Companies. In Germany, only one Rental comp accept Prepaid, all others decline it.

And, since yesterday, the first google services doesnt accept Prepaid anymore (Google Cloud) for example. Only CC and Debit.

If you need a real Credit Card, just ask your bank

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On usa Alamo décline Revolut card

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A prepaid debit card

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Doesn’t change the fact that it is inferior to an true debit card.

Are there any fintechs out there that have a real debit card and are not a real bank?

this is nothing else than “soon” - the reply is just an empty phrase

For travel it’s a lot better imo

Prepaid debit cards aren’t offered DCC and it’s a real buttery experience - carry a credit card for anything that needs it and you’re sorted

IMHO it’s a big DISadvantage!
If one has to carry a credit card so neither hotel nor rental-car are an issue, one does not need an additional prepaid-card (or do you leave your card in an hotel-safe? lots or reports out there on how easy those things get cracked :wink:

A REAL debit-card works the same way: only the money you uploaded is available, but you can pay hotel and rental car with it…

It’s the old story of “how the card is recognised”; credit, debit, prepaid. And if a card is recognised as prepaid, is labled prepaid, you gonna have the issues of a prepaid card…

Revolut should redesign their packages; eg. a “monthly fee-package includes a REAL debit-card instead a prepaid” or something…

(because I can’t see how someone, who uses revolut, would want a credit-card, if the debit solves all the issues with prepaid-cards; at least I wouldn’t want to have a credit on the card (just want it to be accepted everywhere))