Can Revolut refund me £5 for Virtual card never arrives


hello everyone, I have ordered a Virtual card by mistake. I requested not to send it to me and until now 25 days past, I have not received it. How can I get £5 refund for delivery charge? How can I contact revolut team and request them to refund me?

cancellation of Virtual card

Hmmmm, how should they send you virtual card?
“Virtual” means that card is available only in the app…


have you checked in the app by swiping right in the cards menu, the virtual card should be there

ntil later


In the beginning I have ordered a Visa card first, I paid £5 for delivery cost. it came days later. I then touched the Virtual card by mistake, It has taken another £5 from my account which I checked immediately. I thought that it was Virtual card delivery cost. Anyway there is no any card coming through my letter box 25 days past. I should get my money back and I wonder how I contact their team. Can anyone tell me?


You can always contact them via in-app chat, or DM on Twitter.
Do not forget to type live agent in chat window


Ehm, as redi already pointed out you wont receive a card as it is virtual. That fee is not a delivery fee but an issuance fee.


Just to confirm - a virtual card has no physical presence - it cannot be delivered. It is only the details of a card that can be used for online transactions. It should show in your app. As said above - the £5 is the price of the virtual card , not for delivery.


Hi @earthjupiter2003 have you reached out to our in-app support team? More–>Help–>Chat to us.

Your virtual card is only visible in the app, and can be used for ecommerce payments.