Can Revolut card go to minus balance?



The simple question is bailiff allowed to take money from Revolut card?


Hey @TomasB :slight_smile:

No. If you have €0.99 and you want to pay €1, it’ll be rejected :wink:

The only case that comes to my mind is transactions that are charged with a delay or adjusted.


@Juliopp is right. Beware of the fact that a pre-authorized amount could differ from the final amount a merchant asks for. The credit card networks Mastercard an Visa allow an adjustment of the settled amount by design.

When pre-authorizing an amount at a hotel or restaurant, the final deducted balance could be higher.

An example: restaurant bill is 50. The waiter swipes your card and prints the receipt. You add 5 at the receipt and sign it. The final amount deducted will be 55, while only 50 were pre-authorized.

Another one: booking a hotel room for 200. After checking out, the hotel added breakfast and mini bar. The initial blocked amount changes to 220.