can not use my revolut account


I am struggling to have access to my revolut account. each time I try it says “we are sorry something has gone wrong, please try later” what is happening???


I’m having the same problem, and more people are reporting the same on twitter.

I just arrived in the UK from the eurozone, I only have euros on me and it’s a great inconvenience that it’s offline…


Same issue here. Revolut really should have 24 hour support for such critical issues as this! I’ve been declined in two retailers and one atm, I’m in New Zealand miles away from the UK so thank god I’d brought cash along too!

I’m starting to see a few issues crop up here and here and I have to say I’m becoming progressively dissappointed.

Come on Revolut…


Payment issues here: two different online payments declined in the past hour despite my security settings allowed the transaction. Support is offline :frowning: Please help!


Some of these problems do not come from Revolut and are more generalised. In any case, it’s up guys and gals! The exchange rates appear again and I just used the card for a payment!


Confirmed, it works for me too. It reminds me that I always need to have an alternative, not a single service is reliable enough.


It seems there was a temporary miscommunication with the bank’s system which caused the transaction to be declined. This situation has now been resolved and you can use your card again. Apologies for this issue, please rest assured all is well with your card.