Can not Top up with SEB

And now up is again broken, in 2018 revolut was telling that it is SEB banks problem, but at the end I think problem on their side. I was contacting bank as many others. And since I can top up from iPhone but not from android, this is something with the revolut app.

On samsung galaxy s9 Android 10 it does not work again, it is not showi g or shows blank screen where 3D secure login should pop up. This is Revolut app problem because from iPhone there is no such problem.

I did update my app on android today and no difference.

Revolut please solve this problem!

Yep I have the exact same issue with SEB in Sweden. I have a Samsung S9. Time to dump Revolut I guess, too bad I had to waste 100SEK.

I just tested: for me, everything works. SEB Latvia, Huawei P30.
This is probably because I have SEB 3D authorization already stored on Revolut. Just my guess.

Just tried to top up, it works flawlessly now.