Can not Top up with SEB

Can’t Top up with my SeB (Latvia) and DnB (Latvia) bank cards. There is no problem with other bank cards.


Hey @sinko :slight_smile:

The SeB top-up problems are known in Android :frowning:

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Is there any solutions for this. As i read this is already long term problem. How useful can be this app without instant top up? And for me it is also DnB problem not only SEB. Is not this such important problem that would require imediate solution?

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I would try contact @anon33247966 :slight_smile:
He might have sone insight on this …

how can i do that, i`m new in all this

Press on his name and you will have option to send message :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but i don’t have such option to send message

I have tagged Revolut team member,he shoukd check up on this as soon as :slight_smile:

Hi, same problem, no pop-up window for security code.

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Same problem with DNB/Luminor… :frowning: no window for security code to enter. Does anyone know the solution?

I added my SEB card finaļy. I just used tablet instead if phone

I have the same issue. I tried multiple times and when error is displaying, in the background I see SEB verification window opening after a while.

Tried several times more, and one time just when error was about to appear I switched to other app and then switched back to Revolut, the verification page was open… Filled out data there and top up was successful.

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Very interesting, but I could do my first Top up trough my old iPhone, there window, that is beneath error message opened normaly and I could confirm to SEB with my client number and smartID verificatio that I would like to have this payment.
So on smasung galaxy S9+ this does not work, but iPhone you can do the Top up - try different device, if on yours this does not work.

Problem still exists, top up from SEB bank card goes into error.
Seb login comes up but revolut says error upon it. See picture


If you dont have financial obligations (debt) to SEB, I would ditch them completely for this nonsense problem which is going on forever now. Nobody cares.

There are other banks in LV which presents better value to clients than SEB (thats my opinion).

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p.s. Somebody on local forum reported that problem is now finally fixed. But be sure that you have latest Revolut app.

Hi! Is there any solution for this? My verification window is empty and I can not top-tp with my SEB visa card.

Any tips how to solve this would be appreciated.

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The problem was resolved a few weeks ago. As far as I know, the problem was on SEB’s side.
On Huawei P30 (Android) SEB topup works perfect now. I tested it a few hours ago.

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Problem reappeared for me, previously I had some workaround for this problem but it does not seem to be working anymore.

Just a blank verification screen, not even an error appears. :frowning:

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Yes… getting reports from local forum, that its impossible to top-up with SEB (Latvia) again.