Can not Top up with SEB


Can’t Top up with my SeB (Latvia) and DnB (Latvia) bank cards. There is no problem with other bank cards.


Hey @sinko :slight_smile:

The SeB top-up problems are known in Android :frowning:


Is there any solutions for this. As i read this is already long term problem. How useful can be this app without instant top up? And for me it is also DnB problem not only SEB. Is not this such important problem that would require imediate solution?


I would try contact @AndreasK :slight_smile:
He might have sone insight on this …


how can i do that, i`m new in all this


Press on his name and you will have option to send message :slight_smile:


I don’t know why but i don’t have such option to send message


I have tagged Revolut team member,he shoukd check up on this as soon as :slight_smile:


Hi, same problem, no pop-up window for security code.


Same problem with DNB/Luminor… :frowning: no window for security code to enter. Does anyone know the solution?


I added my SEB card finaļy. I just used tablet instead if phone