Can not sign in an exististing account


I ran the app on my phone to check my funds and my card was greyed out. (just a grey square). i rebooted my phone and the app asked my to sign in with my phone no. i did do and then it asked my passcode but it won’t accept it anymore. i’m just stuck there. I re reinstalled the app but no change. Please someone help…


I have absolutely the same problem! I was trying same things like you-rebooted phone, reinstalled the app… No idea what to do!


same problem and couple of days before not first time…
some payments as pending m ore than 5days


Also have the same problem:
I opened the Revolut app. A notification bell sounded , which is unusual. Also the exchange rate was no longer displayed.
I logged out and rebooted my phone but can now no longer log in - when I enter my mobile number, instead of a text message being sent to me with a login code, the password screen appears and then the login screen again :frowning:

I’ve had this problem once before. I think there must be a problem with the Revolut server. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out and I’ll be able to log in again later…


Yes @Franclyn i face the same behaviour…


same for me can t reach anyone on the phone of course!!! the app is blocked does not even recognize my phone number I called an answering machine to block the card, any ideas anyone?


I can’t access the app as well.Stuck on the 4-digit PIN screen.When I enter the PIN nothing happens.


looging good now, working, but how long
still some payments gone as pending
no purchased in eshop, gone from revolut


Hi guys.

Please try now to log in. Contact us here if you’re still facing any issues.


Everything seems ok here. Thank you guys


The card will not allow entry now it is dislike ‘incorrect password’ when entering my four digit PIN


Sorry should read ‘display’.



Can you send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Andreas K


Please delete your phone number from here and check your private messages.


The u.k. phone no. associated with the account cannot be reached as we are currently in Spain. I am using my Spanish mobile do you want this no. ? Regards GRF


Yes please but in a private message


Andrea, How do I send you a private message?
Regards GRF


I have sent you an hour ago. You can hit on my name, then message


My phone in Spain is–’ +**************. I timed out finding a way to reply. Best GRF

Admin edit: had to remove phone number


Yep, seems to be working again now. Many thanks for sorting it out. Hope it doesn’t happen again though - a bit annoying and quite worrying :wink: