Can not register for crowd funding


Hi, I have a revolut card (not been used and about 8mths old) but now I am trying to register for crowdfunding and I get a message woops no account so I try re signing up and get a message phone number already in use.

I can not get through on the automated phone (rings twice and disconnects) can not get app loaded as will not let me passed first screen so what can I do

Ironically I work in build 2 away from yours in CW



Same problem with me. Details not recognised as revolut user. Help pls!


Same here ! Help Please !


Same problem for me.


Same here…

Tried to contact the support but it says they will reply in 6 hours…

Don’t know if it’s the best way to collect money …

Please can you solve the issue.


+1, I have the same issue…


Same problem with me…