Can not pay my salary !!! (Banque Française)


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This morning the accountant of my company announced to me that the transfer of my salary was rejected by the bank CREDIT DU NORD (French bank)

The Revolut support proposes to use the generic IBAN with my customer reference.
The accountant now has to go through my management to validate the new IBAN and if it works there will be a fee for my employer!

Really not serious all that!


are you sure that Revolut will accept a third party TOP-UP to Lloyd’s pool account?I strongly recommend you to wait for UK personal IBAN that they promised to implemented this week and for you current payment another account of yours.


The issue is probably with Credit Du Nord as they ‘do not support’ Revolut accounts yet. Many banks don’t update their inter-banking routing software regularly. Revolut should update their FAQ.


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The support authorizes me exceptionally to use the generic IBAN with my customer number. But I am not sure that my directorship accepts. And even if it accpete I hope it can be done without bug!

I obviously can not wait for another IBAN that may not be coming this week as advertised.


So … the accountant of my company insisted with the bank (Crédit du Nord)
The Banker intervened manually to validate the IBAN and the transfer.
To be continued…;


Bonjour! Vous ne pouvez pas recevoir d’argent à partir d’autres personnes dans le compte Revolut avec référence. Vous avez besoin d’un compte personnel :slight_smile: Activez-lui dans More>Profile>Account details>EUR. Le bénéficiaire doit être votre nom et surnom pour recevoir votre salaire. (Excusez mon français :smile:)


Ton employeur envoie ton salaire à un IBAN qui commence par “LT” ou “GB”?


Le comptable à pu enregistrer l’IBAN LT et a effectué le virement après quoi il a eu un message l’informant du rejet.

Il a donc contacté le banquier par téléphone… quelques minutes après le problème était réglé et j’ai pu recevoir mon salaire en moins de 24 heures sur mon compte REVOLUT.


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