Can not order my physical card


Hi everyone. I have just created an accound and I would like to order my physical card. But every time I click on the link “card”, the app just try to upgrade to Premium, proposing premium card. Does anyone got the same problem? I did the security tcheked from Revolut and the adresse in Reunion is Correct. A friend did the same but everything was wroking fine for her.
Thanks for your answers.


I had the same experience. At the end of the process you have three options to receive the card, choose the third one (the slower Free one.)


So you mean I have to chose premium, follow the stage and then I will have 3 choices at the end? I do not want to be premium and pay every month.


No, you should choose the free standard delivery. Can you post a screenshot?


@ alessndro

When I go to card I got this and I select Physique.



Then I have only this choice of Four cards

And I follow the only choice I have, to go to Premium.


@ alessandro

When I click on it I have the premium option.


Where you choose the card style you should be able to choose the standard style. Is there no such option?


@ alessandro

Last thing is

He ask me to become Premium.


Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app?


Yes, Did’t change anything


Hello There !

I open my account today and I have EXACTLY the same issue !

I live also in Reunion, is this a general issue or can we ONLY order card with PREMIUM account when we live in Reunion Island ? (French Department)


Few months ago my friend from Reunion didn’t have the issues.She ordered her card and received it a week after in Reunion.


Thanks for the info alex , if someone from Revolut can answer if NOW order a card with standard account has been blocked to DOM-TOM or not ?

I know from a friend, that N26 has blocked temporarily sending cards to DOM-TOM since approx one month… Has Revolut done the same or is it a BUG ?


Hi everyone

I tried to order the free card as well. It is not possible - the same problem as the one mentioned above. In my opinion there is a bug in the application.

Tomek from Poland (iOS)


same thing using Android this is ridiculous


Not that it would help in your cases, but generally it does work


To talk to someone I have used Revolut chat assistance and type “live agent”. After many exchange of explaining the situation, someone did the manual card order on their system so now waiting for my card. I will let you know when it will arrive.

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