Can not find Russian ruble exchange rate

Hi, do you need to set currencies before you leave the UK? I’m in Russia and attempting to exchange on the app but ruble is not in the available currency list.

Check this topic. RUB are not available as exchange in the account.

Also RUB are listed as illiquid currency

Hope they add it soon.
Got trip to Russia in summer …

Due to sanctions against Russia, I don’t think is legally possible to add RUB easily…

That doesn’t stop you using the card. We’ve used our cards in other countries which aren’t listed eg Cambodia

Any source for this?

Can use card for purchases,but not hold any as currency-exchange in advance:frowning:
You pay % , don’t get real rate…

Still, answering the main question. It is possible to find the rate by using the real rate panel. All the supported currencies are listed.

If you want to know how much you will get for your base currency (GBP I presume, as you said ‘you leave UK’), simply create a new currency gauge with currency one: GBP, currency two: RUB.

You will see the ‘how much RUB for one GBP’ rate which is exactly the rate that is going to be used for purchases. Real time. And of course- with RUB- Revolut will apply a markup.

There was a discussion about adding RUB for in app accounts

What is the markup for monday to friday and markup on weekend? :slight_smile:

Could you link to it? I am asking because, as far as I am aware sanctions should not affect the currency.

FAQ: For illiquid currencies like Russian Ruble and Thai Baht, there is 1.5% mark up on weekend.

Used Revolut in Russia many times without problem, they accept Mastercards pretty much everywhere (chip & pin), much more advanced than the US on this (still relying on magstripe & signature in many places…), quite funny :sweat_smile:

Ok many thanks for your reply

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