Can not add Revolut bank account in PayPal



There are two problems when adding Revolut Bank Account in PayPal

  1. PayPal IBAN validation regexp has error(*see regexp below). It does not pass through any IBAN that starts from letters GB - > this is PayPay internal bug, but impacting Revolut business a lot.

  2. Even you manually update their validation regexp PayPal says that this account is already registered which is true because Revolut has no unique IBANs. As example try to add USD account: GB06LOYD30801211856472 -> this is also PayPal’s internal rules, so looks like Revolut has to speedup with personal IBAN accounts.

Regexp(GB is not white-listed): ^MC\w|^mc\w*|^CY\w*|^cy\w*|^MT\w*|^mt\w*|^SI\w*|^si\w*|^LV\w*|^lv\w*|^EE\w*|^ee\w*|^FR\w*|^fr\w*|^AT\w*|^at\w*|^BE\w*|^be\w*|^FI\w*|^fi\w*|^DE\w*|^de\w*|^GR\w*|^gr\w*|^IE\w*|^ie\w*|^IT\w*|^it\w*|^LT\w*|^lt\w*|^LU\w*|^lu\w*|^NL\w*|^nl\w*|^PT\w*|^pt\w*|^SK\w*|^sk\w*|^SM\w*|^sm\w*|^ES\w*|^es\w*|^BG\w*|^bg\w*|^RO\w*|^ro\w*|^HR\w*|^hr\w*|^IS\w*|^is\w*