Can no longer log in to Revolut app on my phone

SAME PROBLEM!! Makes me go crazy… it is more than 3 weeks since this happens. And yes, the app is updated.

I have the same issue! Recently joined and now I cannot log into my account keeps asking me to input my phone number then my pin and on doing so then brings up an error message! Can someone please help

Hi. Same problem here. Reinstall the app, entering my phone number and got the message: “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this? I am in New York without money and no card…

I have the same issues , it’s ridiculous I hva been waiting for over 10 days now

I’m having the same issue. I had Revolut for 2 years now. A month ago I tried to enter the app and I can’t. It asks for my number and then as soon as I insert my code it shows error and goes back to the loop of asking my number.
I need to enter my app! I have been waiting for a month, reinstalled the app and tried to call the customer service number!
This is insane!

I know how you feel SilviaGaruti. I’ve been waiting for 14 days now. I’ve tried to contact @AndreasK, but I don’t know if he still works at Revolut. I’ve replied to four posts on the community, and opened a complaint. All with no reply.

My next step is the UK ombudsman services/trading standards. I’ve been trying to give them time. But with each passing day I’m getting more frustrated.

If I get any solution I’ll post.

Hi @michaelyan,
I texted them on Facebook and they answered me the day after.
I was able to fix my problem through that.
I hope it will be helpful for you too!

Hello. I’ve got a similar issue here. It started back in January after an update.

Description of Issue:
I try to open the Revolut app, the blue Revolut logo comes up then the app crashes. I get the message “Revolut has stopped”. If I go to send feedback, I am able to see the system logs, where I have located a Java exception is causing the problem.

If I try to uninstall the app, then install again, I get the same problem. Before an update it used to ask for my phone number and other info, when I put in the verification code, it will simple not do anything, but now it doesn’t even open up.

Exception class name:
Source file:
Source class:
Source method: getKeyStoreException
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application com.revolut.RevolutApplication: java.lang.SecurityException: Failed to load generated key pair from keystore

I’ve already submitted the logs for feedback several times.

I’ve tried contacting support on another phone (not mine), they told me to get a new phone with a new Android version. I’m using Android 7, they told me I should use at least Android 9, but the Google Play page for Revolut states it is compatible with Android 5 and up.

Please fix as soon as possible.

Since I changed my phone I can’t log into my account, when I put my phone in it makes me create a new account and when I get to the mail it tells me the account exists already.

Have the same problem can’t log in!! very frustrating

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This is incredible !!.. the way that revolut ‘works’ for so many users lately it’s simply outrageous!! And for how long…banning people’s access to their own money !!! Outrageous!

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Apparently someone tried to log into my account and for safety, Revolut asked me to change my security code. I’ve done that but since I can’t access the app on my phone.
When I enter my phone number, they asking me for a new code and afterwards a pop up message shows up and say something like “Something went wrong, please try later.”.

Does anyone have a solution?


Hello i have a problem i made a factory reset to my phone yesterday and today i downloaded Revolut and i cant log into my account it always wants me to make a new account. I had money on my card and i want it back i dont know what to do i dont changed my number i dont do anything i just made a factory reser please help someone!

Same here. I cannot access to my account now. I had issue with transferring money with my account. Then the in-app service person told me to uninstall and reinstall the app. Now i’m stuck with the first step - input my phone number and it never proceed to the next step.

I have the same problem, is there any updates on what to do ?

I can’t even use my card now! Are the admins actually come here to help their customers?!