Can no longer log in to Revolut app on my phone

I’m also stuck unable to login. I keep going in an endless loop between the 3 screens:

  1. Mobile number - I put in my number and click Continue
  2. 6-digit code - I get the SMS and the app picks it up automatically.
  3. Country of residence - It asks me and auto-fills my country and provides me with two options:
  • Sign up - If I follow this and fill out the data it tells me my account exists
  • Log in - If I follow this path it just takes me back to #1Mobile number” screen
    • This shows a popup “Already have an account? Please enter the phone number…”.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It seems impossible to log in.

EDIT: I’m on version 7.31 from January 12, 2021.

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I have absolutely the same issue. Can you please help us?


EXACTLY the same issue. cant login, tried to delete and re-download the app. same loop. Revolut what to do? help please.