Can no longer log in to Revolut app on my phone


I used to just use a passcode to get in to the app. I was asked to enter my phone number which I did, then my passcode again and was sent an SMS verification code. However when I tried to enter this it sent an error message and just keeps looping round asking for the phone number and repeatedly sending SMS which it doesn’t give me a chance to enter.
My other problem is whenever I tried to use the card in an ATM abroad it said incorrect pin so is there a way to let me know what my pin is?
I can’t get into the app anymore so can’t use in app chat.
Thank you



You can check PIN in security section (in the app). Unfortunately to do it- you have to be logged into the app.
Which app’s revision are you on? 5.10 or newer?



I have tried again today. After entering the 6 digit code I continually get the message ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later’



I updated the app and got past the sms problem. It now shows no money on the account! We had over 100 euros. Also saying identity not verified as if it is a new account. We can’t afford to lose all our money we had put on there. I tried to ‘link’ the Revolut card but it says it can’t be linked.



I have scanned passport in and been passed for identity purposes. Still no money on the account showing. Can someone look at the account if I supply the card number? My original question about a PIN number was to use it abroad in an ATM, I can’t see anyway in security to access that, just allows me to change the passcode which I know as I use this to get into the app. I tried the passcode as the PIN number but it was incorrect.



5.10 is the version number



Tap “Cards”, then “Show Pin”

Is it possible that, by the chance, you have set up second Revolut account with another phone number?
To be honest from your description, this looks like this…



You may be right about the other phone. I cannot change the phone number on my app as it says the number is used by another account. There are no cards associated with the phone I was using. Have downloaded revolut on another phone and tried to get into the account using the correct phone number but the account is now blocked. Us oldies shouldn’t try to use this technology.



This looks possible. We have now used another phone to log on but account is blocked for security reasons and can’t get a response from Revolut.



I am having a similar problem. After I enter my correct security code and phone number and then asked for 6 digit verification code, which I can see displayed and I enter correctly, but keeps going around in a loop. I need to top up my card. What can I do?



Achieving them via in-app chat it can be a little bit tricky :slight_smile:
If you have problem to catch them via in-app chat, ask them for help via Twitter



Our account is now unblocked thank you