Can i use the card in Bali


I am travelling to Bali for honeymoon and was wondering if this card can be used.

Thanks in advance


Hey Gmiller, yes you will be able to use the card in indonesia.

Before you go make sure to read this:


Yes you can.
But I highly recommend avoiding using any card in Bali area.
Skimming cards in Bali is art.

Or use the card but have 24/7 internet connection: freeze the card all time and Unfreeze it only when you use it.
After I recommend you changing the card :grimacing: it will cost you ~6€ but at least you won’t have any surprise

Using VISA in Bali

That is really good to know! Another reason for being Premium, bring two cards :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s why I love premium too. Because I can renew my cards after any suspicious destination. Didn’t happened on my Revolut cards yet but happened on BT.

I’m traveling in Asia for long time already. I have friends around and also I’m part of some groups.

In Bali everyone is complaining about card skimming :man_facepalming:


This is so clever :slight_smile:


Well it didn’t happened in 4 months of Revolut but I’m feeling so good that in any case I can renew my card and get it everywhere in the world in just few days with premium with no other cost. Especially for me as “full time traveler “

With BT bank when I had my card skimmed it took time and (very) much money to renew and send a card. Traditional banks should learn this. Tho I love BT for their services, support and perks when is a problem abroad is quite sucks.

Cheers from Boracay :laughing: hope everyone is enjoying the great weather