Can I use Revolut if I have no mobile phone?

Greetings, I would like to use Revolut (particularly to pay my landlord who would really like to be paid via Revolut) but I have no mobile phone. I use both a chromebook and a Windows-10 laptop. The chromestore has an app for Revolut but trying to access it always leads to ‘Not compatible with this device’ (‘this device’ being the Acer 13 chromebook purchased last summer in the UK). If there any way to pay someone via Revolut without having a mobile phone (I really don’t want to own one!)??? Thank you!

You can try an emulator such as Nox App Player.

You could run the app in an emulator or on a tablet. But you need a phone to be able to receive text messages. Texts are for 2 factor authentication. Some functionality relies on this.

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I have successed to dowload Revolut app on my IPad but have no mobile. I’d like to use Revolut MasterCard for travelling. For the fisrt connection, I can use a friend mobile. But during my journey in others countries, would I need to authentify or other functionalities with a mobile ?
Thank you for your support

Wouldn’t recommend it given how a :R: account is tied with a mobile phone number.

Normally no, unless you log out, but at the same time there can be a situation where you accidentally log out or uninstall the app, in which case you’d not be able to log in due to not having access to the 2FA code from the mobile.


Like @capital wrote I’d also strongly discourage using someone else’s or even just a temporary number. Get a dedicated prepaid number and keep that number safe if you want to use Revolut. Otherwise you might get locked out and getting back in will be a hassle for you.