Can I use in the home currency + are there any limits?


Just installed the app and have my account connected to my card and verfied.

Can I use my Revolut card in my home currency and if so, are there any limits?

If I transfer money to my Revolut account, can I transfer money back out?



There are like 120 home currencies supported, check the FAQ if yours is among them. There is an annual top-up limit (15k by default) and a currency conversion limit (6k per month). Yes you can transfer money in (only from your own bank accounts) and transfer back as needed.


@zwt, thanks for the reply.

i wanted to know if there was a limit.
say i loaded £1000. is there a limit to spending £1000 in the UK?
i got another card similar to revolut - its amazingly frustrating, they have some silly daily limits of some ridiculous small amount per day.

for me, it would be nice to be able to give to younger ones - and just top up a small amount (not £1000) and let them use in the UK. but if there was some limits on how much you can spend in the UK that would be great to know (when topping up from the UK and UK being the domestic currency).

i looked through the faq - i read most pages and couldn’t see any references to any limitations. (i only scan read though.)



No, there is no daily limit what you can spend with the card, only the ATM withdrawals are limited to 200GBP/USD/EUR per month. Bare in mind that legally you can’t pass the card to your daughter because it has your name on it and you are the rightful owner however technically you can as long as somebody doesn’t ask her ID and see there is a name mis-match.


giving to my younger ones - would only be as a one off - they’re going to france with the school for 3 days - i would rather give them a card than have them carry around cash! (but accept what you say - thanks for the heads up)

so i can spend unlimited times in shops or online? in the uk or anywhere else?
£200 per month seems so small :slight_smile:


Anywhere, the daily spending limit is not limited. 200 per month is free, if you want to withdraw more thats also possible but for a 2% fee.


A little confused…

In home currency… Spending is unlimited
But there is a limit of £200 withdrawal for cash per month


In home currency spending is limited to £200 per month - spend using card or cash withdrawal - all combined

I actually read through the faq and didn’t see any reference anywhere - albeit I scan read

AND is there any spending limits in foreign currency (apart from the high annual amount)?? Like do I start getting charged 2% after spending £200 in a month abroad?

Please clear up. Thanks.


There is no home currency. You can spend as much as your balance is (in shops etc…) but you can only withdraw 200EUR/GBP/USD in a month for free of charge. If you want to withdraw more from an ATM you will be charged 2% fee.


This is for ATM withdrawal.


There are limits set out in the FAQs:

Card spending is limited to £30,000 or equivalent per year with a sublimit of £5,000 or equivalent per 96 hours meaning that you cannot exceed £5,000 or equivalent in card spending in a 96 hour period. Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £500 or equivalent per day.