Can I trust you?


I needed to make an Internet purchase last friday evening. I sent money to my Revolut virtual card to cover the purchase. I used a pre-registered card to top-up. The Top-Up worked well. It was 9:46PM. Then I tried to make the purchase on the web and surprise: account blocked.

No answer from the support at such a time. Not before Saturday. And even then, I got the support feed-back a couple of minutes before the support close again. Too late for the purchase anyway which I did with a standard credit card. The account was finally unblocked on Sunday by sending card picture… Far too late for the purchase I wanted to make. Not really secure if security was the purpose of blocking the card.

The alternative was to input a 4-digit code visible in the list of card transactions on my bank account. But the transactions appear Day+1, and during a week-end, they do not appear before Monday…

Question is: Can I really trust availability of Revolut card? If compliance or security is an issue: just block the card before the top-up, not after!

Imagine if the purchase was urgent for a bigger amount: I would have been blocked and no money elsewhere to make the payment…

Of course I could pay for Premium 24/7 support… Maybe this is the objective to convert basic customers into Premium.

Can I trust you will be my payment partner next time I need you?


Under the card security settings, online/e-commerce transactions might have been blocked. That requires a simple tap to switch that function off via the toggle.

Provided your identity has been verified via the submission of documentation, no further verification will be needed.

However, further verification may be required if:

or if your top-up limit has been reached (Profile --> Verification & Limits), in which case you will have to verify your source of funds.


So you block accounts close to support closing hours to push people to upgrade to Premium?


Not a problem: but you should ask for card verification during top-up, not after when you need to use the card


What do you mean, the Revolut card? I did not find this feature in the Revolut app.


I was not in any of these cases. I registered the card and used it for the first time.
If this is because I was using my top-up card for the first time, why not being more precise in the FAQ? Why not asking for card verification upon card registration, or upon top-up, instead of blocking Revolut account when you need it to pay?

That is the issue and what I criticize: from a client point of view, you can do much better to be compliant and secure while ensuring that the Revolut card works when you need it.

Revolut lets you register the card, top-up and when you need it to pay, they block the account. From a client point of view, this is the worst client experience you can offer.

In addition, you give the impression that this could happen anytime, because support does not want to reveal why and when the security system will block the account again. So basically, you are totally ensure whether the card will be available when you need it. I am very reluctant to put some money again on this card and use it… especially close to support closing hours


Hey @neaje :wink:

First of all, @capital is blocking nothing. He’s an extremely valuable volunteer member of this forum, and he’s trying to help you out.
If you feel this as a way to force the upgrade, I shall remember you that during the first trial (free) period, you can cancel anytime, so that’s not likely the case :wink:

I would bet that it can not be done this way. Mostly all the card verifications on the market are post-transaction in case the transaction requires it.

Head to the Card section of your app, swipe to a card that’s not virtual and tap Security. It will be the last toggle :slight_smile:

Agreed partially. The current process is fine with me, but the support response time is not. :frowning:

I can only tell you this hasn’t happened to me more than the first time with an average spending of €800 a month through the Revolut card, 4 top-up cards and 2 years of usage. :smile:

And, again, you’ll go a long way showing some patience and kindness when dealing with people that, in essence, are giving their time for free to try to make :r: better for you (like @capital) :wink:


Thank you for your responsiveness which is actually much faster than Revolut. I did not know you were not Revolut. I have nothing against you. I have something against providers who claim to revolutionize banking and does not do the basics, who charge their clients, answer slowly and push responsibility to the customer when he has a problem. I expect support to be reactive, solution oriented, showing empathy by fitting in customer’s shoes. No reason to be patient after 48h. No reason to be kinder than needed when you are not treated as a customer should. Nothing against you and thank you for your time.


that’s why: I was using the virtual card, which, by essence, should not be blocked in online shopping