Can I transfer EUR/USD from a verified exchange?


Hi, Can i send Bitcoin from an exchange if i am verified with them? If no; are there any plans to facilitate this? Can i transfer EUR/USD from an exchange if i am verified with them? Could i send Euros from Fire personal to my Revolut account?

I think Revolut is a fantastic product but if i am honest i am looking for the easiest way to exchange my crypto’s to GBP and the money to be in my UK bank ( all and any info how to do this would be greatly appreciated ).
Coinbase does not work for me as i don’t have a 3D secure card what ever that means.

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At this moment this is impossible on revolut to operate on crypto currencies outside. We have to wait for next phase.


Thanks, Do you know if i can transfer EUR or USD from an exchange that i am fully verified on?


It depends on possible way of transfer. You can just send money on you revolut EUR account. (Do not forget activate it first)


No external transfers. You can buy, sell, exchange within Revolut!

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