Can I pay to merchants with "no third party wires" policy using Revolut?


Is Revolut service compatible with merchants that require payments from a personal bank account?

For example, brokers and gold dealers want to see the name of their customer as account owner when they receive payments (they have “no third party wires” policy).

Can I use Revolut service to send payments to brokers and precious metal dealers with “no third party wires” policy?

What about receiving money from brokers that require the account holder to be the same person?

I read here:

What is the situation now?

Only EUR accounts in customer’s name are available?



GBP and EUR accounts are in your name, and it will show up that way if you make a payment to a third party.
About other currencies, I am not sure as I have never done any outgoing transfers yet, but I assume they would show Revolut, because they use pooled accounts for incoming transfers.
That being said, when they launch in the US (very soon), they will give to customers dedicated US details for ACH transfers, in your name. Same goes for Australia.

Hopefully @AndreasK will come around to confirm/deny this.


You are right. GBP & EUR transfers are in your name (make sure that those accounts are active). The rest will be in Currency Cloud name.