Can I merge the Virtual & Physical cards?

Hi everyone,

I just got the physical card (thank you, Revolut, for the free gift!) and now have both the virtual & physical cards.

Is there any way to merge the two, given the physical one alone covers all needs and its details are also displayed in the app?

Are there any PROS for keeping both?

I am a usually a tidy person that tries to avoid keeping whatever I don’t use. I imagine many of you would have no issue in simply ignoring the virtual one so apologies in advance for the OCD.

Thank you kindly,

Hey @Andrei.Joldos :slight_smile:

What do you mean “merging” the two of them?
Both cards are linked to you account, so they’re already “merged” as they’re using the same funds :wink:

The only pro of keeping the virtual one is that if it becomes leaked online, the physical one remains safe.