Can i load my Revolut from my PC

No, don’t worry. I will send you the instructions via a direct message.


Andreas K.

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Hi Andreas. Would you also be able to send me the relevant details so I can top up my card via bank transfer?

Also am i able to view my balance on my PC?



No, you’re not, but you can see it for free on any ATM :slight_smile:
It will display the sum of all the available balances in the local currency of the ATM :wink:

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Drop me a direct message with your registration phone number so I can help. I wouldn’t advise to rely on ATMs, as @Juliopp said, they will display the sum of all the available balances in the local currency of the ATM.

@anon33247966 How do I send you a direct message?

Hello, I need some help. My phone got broken too, and I need to top up my card. Thank you!

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I’ve sent you a direct message!

Hi Andreas,

I too would like to load money to my Revolut card, without the use of a smart phone (Due to it breaking).

Would you be able to provide the relevant infomation?


Could you please send me a direct message?

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Hi Andreas - could you do the same for me? How do i contact you?

Are you able to reach me via DM?

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Don’t think so? I’m a new user… Are you able to reach me?

Sure - let me send you a DM.

Hi AndreasK, please could you let me know how to top up via bank transfer as my phone has broken and I am going away in a couple of days.


Do you have access to any other supported device?

my iphone was the only one I had connected to my revolut card if that’s what you mean?

I have the same problem - my phone got broken and I need to top up my credit card with computer or smth. Could you please help me out?

Why not just use a regular bank transfer?

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