Can I have a UK account living in France?


is it possible to get my UK salary (pounds) and live in France?
I don’t have opened a revolut account yet, but I am defenetly looking into it.
Many thanks


Hey @Hopi :slight_smile:

There shouldn’t be a a problem with this :wink:


Hey @Juliopp
thank’s for the quick reply.
Obviously my goal if to keep the pounds and chose when to transfert.
Would it work?
I thoug I needed to live in the UK to get UK account
Many thank’s


You can open a local currency account in UK using :r:. This account can be top up by anyone. You also will be able to open UK EUR account (IBAN located in the UK, account with EUR). After this, you will be also able to choose when and which currency to exchange in the app. It is really easy. After verification of your France ID, you will able to top up an account with the big amount of money. I don’t remember the exact amount of limit, but you will start with 1000 EUR as I remember, before verification.