Can I add Revolut card to my paypal acc?

Is it possible to withdraw money from paypal?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible. However you can link your Revolut card to your PayPal account

But if I can link Revolut card to my PayPal, it means I can send money from PayPal to card and withdraw? If not, do you guys have plans to make it possible in future?

Sorry I misunderstood.

You can transfer money from your Revolut account to your PayPal account but not the way round.

Paypal sais: “I understand that Revolut card is a pre-paid card. If the company supports Visa or MasterCard you can added and confirm the card with PayPal.”

So, there is problem using Revolut to withdraw money from PayPal? Do you guys planning to fix this in future?

I just tried to add my Revolut (MasterCard) to my Paypal account, but it says that the card is not accepted.

I was hoping that I could load my Paypal account with Euros directly from my Euro balance in Revolut.

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Problem solved - I had the card blocked for online transactions.

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@TerribleToll ws you were able to withdraw money from Paypal to Revolut or not?

@woksi If you are based in the UK you can easily withdraw money to your unique Revolut current account! :r:


Hello, can you pleas tell how you solved online transactions?

Could you please clarify your question?

He just asked if possible withdraw money from paypal using revolut. Is it not possible yet?

Depends if you’re a UK resident with unique Revolut current account.

How about Lithuania?

Unfortunately, this is not possible,PayPal transfers coming in PayPal’s name. UK residents have UK unique account where they can receive transfers from 3 parties (transfers not in their names).

I have PayPal acc linked to my UK bank account, withdrawing works fine. When I try adding a new bank acc with my Revolute UK resident bank details, PayPal simply ignores my actions and “add bank account” button just doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Apparently, PayPal is trying to prevent customers outflow to Revolut, which is inevitable in future as I hope.


I’m trying to add my UK Revolut account to PayPal but either PayPal hasn’t sent the payment to confirm the account, or Revolut doesn’t receive/process it. Either way, the account just says “pending” and when I click “send new code” in PayPal I get a “unable to complete at this time” message. Am I just SOL or has anyone found a way to make this work?


I just decided to come on board with revoult. my major concern is to be have a creat banking and exchange experience. My questions are belwo:

Is this a standared account with Iban Acct no.
Can i add the Revolut Card in my Paypal Account. I work online and get payment into my paypal. Can i get the money moved into my Revolut from Paypal.
How long does it take to get my card after making payment into my account and requesting for a card?

Hi I’ve linked my Revolut card to my UK paypal account. When I try to withdraw from Paypal I only get the option to send money to my bank account & not my revolut card. I checked “Cards > Security > Enable e-commerce transactions” which is set to “Disable” by default…” But under cards there is no Security> Enable e-commerce transactions” option. Only freeze card & Limit. Could you please help ? How do I send money to my revolut card please?

What are the steps to transfer money from revolut to paypal? What are the transfer fee?

I have Standard pricing plan and card is issued to Lithuania.